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R&M Duct Solutions is a leader in Residential HVAC Services. Duct cleaning is a very important home service that keeps your family healthy and maintains the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your HVAC system. Air quality improvement inside a home is often the first most notable difference when duct systems are  clean. Allergy symptoms and even illnesses can be attributed to poorly cleaned ducts due to pollutants that build up in your ducts over the year. When pollutants are cycled through the ducts and throughout the home, many of these particles can settle in the ducts and build up over time. Due to the constant circulation of air, these pollutants will recontaminate  your living areas even after you have cleaned and dusted your home.

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R&M Duct Solutions continues to offer the very best in ducting services to all residents of Humboldt County.

With a strong emphasis on customer service, using cutting edge equipment, environmentally friendly products, we are most proud of our list of happy customers, health & safety record and well trained, reliable and courteous staff.

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Your heating system is something that you need to be able to depend on, especially in the peak of winter.

Duct Cleaning

Poor air Quality in your home can be a major problem.


If the insulation is torn or missing, there are kinks in the system, or the ducts are too small or too long, you may need a Duct Repair, or Replacement.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Cleaning your dryer vent lint trap should be a habit you already enforce regularly.