Duct Repair & Replacement Services

Duct Repair & Replacement

If the insulation is torn or missing, there are kinks in the system, or the ducts are too small or too long, you may need a Duct Repair, or Replacement. We can help identify any issues that may be present with your ducting system. By assessing your ducting system regularly, you can improve the quality of your air and the efficiency of your home


1.) Noisy HVAC system. If your HVAC system is very loud this would be a good time for a duct assessment! 

2.) High Energy Bills- If excess air is escaping through your ducts this will reflect on your energy bill.

3.) Uneven heating or cooling-  Maybe you have noticed a room in your house that seems cooler or hotter than the rest of your house. This can be caused by issues with the ducting not allowing enough air to certain parts of your home.

4.) Increase in allergies. An increase of dust in your home can cause allergies to become more frequent. If there is damaged ducting present this may cause larger amounts of dust  and allergens to enter the home, thus causing you to sneeze.

Duct Repair & Replacement